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The courier services of BOXNOW S.A. (hereinafter "BOXNOW"), for which there is no other specific written agreement, are governed by the terms of the present. 

Article 1 - GENERAL TERMS 

A user for the purposes of this document is the sender and/or the recipient. 

The user declares that he/she unconditionally accepts the present BOXNOW terms for the document or parcel (the "postal item") transported by BOXNOW by whatever means BOXNOW chooses. 

The Consignment Note (ΣΥ.ΔΕ.ΤΑ) of BOXNOW is a non-negotiable document and the sender acknowledges that it was completed by him or BOXNOW or its agents at his/her instruction and on his/her behalf. The sender represents and acknowledges that he or she is the owner or holder or agent of the owner or holder of the postal item transported by BOXNOW. The drawing up of the Consignment Note and the undertaking of the handling by BOXNOW certifies the conclusion of an individual contract between the sender and BOXNOW and proves the acceptance of the general terms of courier services. 

BOXNOW may carry out the transport itself by its own means or through any other licensed courier company. 

In case the receipt or delivery of the shipment is made using the automated pick-up and delivery machines (lockers) of BOXNOW and the special security code (PIN), the use of the special security code (PIN) sent to the mobile phone number and/or e-mail of the user constitutes acceptance of the terms of this document and signature of the user as well as proof of receipt or delivery of the postal item. 

The user of BOXNOW's services accepts and allows BOXNOW to use his/her mobile phone number and email for sending the security code (PIN) related to the delivery-receipt of the postal item, to inform him/her about the progress of his/her shipment, as well as for sending the lawful tax relevant document - Receipt or Invoice for the Provision of Services (RPS or IPS) - of his/her shipment. 

The user is responsible for not disclosing the PIN to third parties, as in case he/she does, the use of the PIN by a third party will be deemed to be made on his/her own account. 

In case the delivery of the shipment is made using the automated pick-up and delivery machines (lockers) of BOXNOW, the recipient is identified by his/her mobile phone in combination with the PIN, so the correctness of the recipient's mobile phone number is crucial for the correct delivery of the shipment. The correct transfer of this information to BOXNOW is the sole responsibility of the sender. 

In case the delivery of the shipment is made to the address of the recipient, his/her signature on the accompanying consignment note (ΣΥ.ΔΕ.ΤΑ) or the corresponding electronic medium, constitutes acceptance of the terms hereof and proof of receipt of the postal item. 

The tracking of shipments is carried out through BOXNOW's Special Tracking and Tracing System for Postal Items (ESPETA) at all stages of handling (track & trace). 



The sender guarantees that: a) the sender and the recipient's required shipping information has been correctly recorded in the Consignment Note, b) the postal item has been properly packed in order to ensure its safe transport, c) the sender will pay in advance all charges for the transport, return or storage of the postal items corresponding to the services provided, d) the postal item complies with the terms and conditions of this document. 


Article 3-SHIPMENT 

The maximum weight of the postal item that BOXNOW undertakes to transport is 20 kg. The postal items shall have maximum dimensions of 62 x 45 x 36 cm. 

The maximum value of the postal item that BOXNOW undertakes to transport shall not exceed two hundred euros (€200). BOXNOW is entitled to refuse the transport of postal items exceeding the above limits of weight, dimensions and value. 

BOXNOW cannot know the content of the shipments and the sender must check whether his/her postal item complies with the present terms and conditions of transport, and is fully responsible for any possible exceedances of these limits in any case of loss or damage of the shipment. BOXNOW is entitled, but not obliged, to inspect the contents of the shipment it undertakes to handle, as well as to refuse to accept a postal item for handling if the sender refuses its inspection by its representative. 

BOXNOW is also entitled, either upon receipt or at any point in time after receipt, to refuse to process a shipment if there are indications of prohibited contents or insufficient recipient information, as well as if a customs declaration has not been submitted when required by applicable customs regulations and/or the shipment is not accompanied by the lawful tax relevant documents required by law. 


Article 4-PRICE LIST 

The services with the expected delivery time per service and the prices of BOXNOW's services are contained in the detailed price list, which is posted on the website of with a distinctive link on the home page. BOXNOW has the possibility to modify its charges for each service provided according to its needs. The price list is updated from time to time in order to respond to changes in market conditions and user requirements. Each new posting/publication of a price list shall replace the previous one, which shall cease to apply from that time onwards. BOXNOW is entitled to withhold or not deliver a postal item it is transporting until it has been paid for its service. If the sender wishes the handling of his postal item to be covered by insurance, a special agreement with BOXNOW is required. 



BOXNOW's liability for defective provision of courier services for individual users (senders or recipients or principals who do not have a special contract and pay for the services provided to them in cash according to the basic prices of BOXNOW's official price list without discounts) is determined on the basis of Decision No. 688/52/2013 - Government Gazette B/1412/B/10-6-2013 of the HTPC on the determination of the cases in which a flat-rate compensation is imposed for defective provision of postal services, as follows: 

Payment of compensation for defective provision of courier services to the user: 

a. For proven loss or total theft or total destruction of the contents of an envelope, which bears a unique and definite shipment number, a maximum compensation of 50€ shall be paid and the postal charges for the specific shipment shall be refunded. 

b. For proven loss or total theft or total destruction of the contents of a parcel, a maximum compensation of 100€ shall be paid and the postal charges for the specific shipment shall be refunded. 

c. For proven partial loss or partial theft or partial destruction of the contents of a parcel and of an envelope with a unique and definite shipment number compensation equal to the actual value of the loss or theft or destruction shall be paid, provided that it does not exceed the maximum amount of compensation for loss or total theft or total destruction. 

d. If a postal item is returned and the reason for non-delivery is unknown, the sender is entitled to a refund of the postal costs. 

e. The above compensations are calculated on the basis of the actual value of the goods to be transported and following the verification and cross-checking of the value with the purchase invoices from the customer and in no case on the basis of the commercial value of the goods. 

f. Compensation for non-material damage is included in the aforementioned amounts, while the resulting loss of profit is not compensated. 

z. For proven delays in the delivery of courier postal items, beyond the delivery times specified per service, compensation equal to 6€ for each day of delay and in case the delay exceeds five times the agreed delivery time, in addition, a refund of the postage paid for the specific shipment, provided that the total amount of compensation does not exceed 100€. 

In addition, the following are determined: 

a. In the case of a multiple shipment, where several postal items are sent to one addressee and which falls within the above cases, each postal item is treated differently and is compensated separately. 

b. The compensation in the above cases shall be paid to the sender or, if the sender waives his/her rights, to the recipient of the postal item. 

c. The compensation shall be paid no later than within a period of 5 working days from the date of approval of the payment of compensation. 

The user unconditionally accepts the above specified amounts of compensation and declares that he waives any additional claim against BOXNOW for any positive or consequential damage or loss of profit from any cause whatsoever. 



BOXNOW's liability according to article 5 does not exist in the following cases: 

a. Emergencies, which the Company could not foresee or avoid (such as accidents, adverse weather conditions, delays of means of transport, strikes, etc.). In such cases, the postal charges paid will be refunded. 

b. Proven criminal acts on the premises or in the automated pick-up and delivery machines (lockers) or in the means of transport, resulting in the loss, damage or destruction of postal items. In such cases, the postal charges paid shall be refunded. 

c. Due to the particularly fragile nature of the contents of the postal item, in particular foodstuffs with an expiry date and medicines. 

d. Proven negligence of the sender, such as in particular inappropriate packaging, incorrect description of the item and incomplete or incorrect information about the recipient. 

ε. Shipments, the contents of which are subject to a prohibition of transport or possession for the sender and/or the recipient, or shipments, the content of which is seized or destroyed by the competent Authorities, 

f. The recipient has not shown interest in receiving the postal item for more than 6 months. 

ζ. The recipient receives the postal item and within three (3) working days has not expressed a reservation. 

BOXNOW's liability is expressly limited to the amounts specified, as the case may be, in the above article 5 and in no case shall BOXNOW be further or otherwise liable for any kind of loss or damage however caused (including but not limited to any kind of positive or consequential damages, loss of profit, non-material damages etc.). 

The above limitation of compensation by the granting a lump-sum compensation in accordance with Article 5 shall cover any claim of the sender or the recipient arising out of the provision of courier services, whether in contract or in tort, and shall not apply if the breach of the contractual obligation or the tort is attributable to the fraudulent conduct of BOXNOW or persons acting on its behalf. 

BOXNOW is in any case released from any liability for any reason whatsoever regarding the defective fulfillment of postal services, if no claim has been submitted to BOWNOW by the recipient within six (6) months from the establishment of the postal contract. No claim shall be accepted after the expiry of the above deadline. 

BOXNOW is not liable for compensation if the user does not provide in due time the necessary documents proving the value of the transferred shipments to be compensated. 

BOXNOW's liability for defective provision of courier services for the users of the services with whom special individual contracts/agreements have been concluded or are concluded for the handling of a large number of postal items and/or for the provision of postal services for long periods of time and to whom discounts on the basic prices of BOXNOW's official price list and/or special lower prices in relation to the basic prices of the services in question are provided, and/or credit for the provision of the services, the more specific terms and conditions apply. 



When the postal item cannot, for some reason, be delivered to the recipient or returned to the sender, then it remains for six (6) months from the last notification of the sender, in BOXNOW's warehouses at the sender's expense. After the six-month period, the postal item shall be considered permanently undeliverable and a destruction procedure shall be followed, following the preparation of a destruction report by BOXNOW. Items that have been officially withheld or declared by the sender to have a value of more than 100 euros are excluded from the above procedure, in which case they are returned to the HTPC. 

The following are classified as undeliverable postal items: 

(a) those which could not be delivered to the recipient for any reason, 

b) those that have been lawfully withheld by BOXNOW; and 

(c) those which could not be delivered to the recipient and at the same time it is not possible to inform the sender. 



BOXNOW does not undertake the handling and transport of the following postal items: 

Money - Fragile items not adequately packaged - Activated bank cards - Fixed and Mobile Phone Time Cards - Gold in any form - Gold watches - Jewellery - Precious stones & Metals - Antiquities - Works of Art - Non-reproducible Documents or Objects (e.g. Correspondence/Films/Videos of Personal Value, Stamps, Lottery Tickets, Antiques) - Perishable Foodstuffs - Plants - Drugs - Flammable, Explosive & Radioactive Materials - Biological Material - Infectious, Corrosive & Poisonous Substances - Articles or Parts of Armaments - Animals - Pornographic Material and generally items whose carriage is prohibited by international conventions or organisations (IATA, ICAO) and/or by provisions of EU and/or national legislation. 



In order to serve better the users, the dispute resolution process is carried out either through friendly settlement through written communication between the sender/recipient and BOXNOW towards reaching a resolution of the dispute, or through the establishment of the Dispute Resolution Committee, where the Company, upon request, establishes a Dispute Resolution Committee.  

Article 10- Competent courts 

In case of a dispute between BOXNOW and the user, which is not resolved extrajudicially through the procedure of article 9, the Courts of Athens are exclusively competent and the Greek law shall be applicable. 


For any issue related to the provision of courier services by BOXNOW S.A., users can contact BOXNOW's Customer Service Department at tel. +30 211-100-5304 or e-mail [email protected]. 


Latest update: October 2022