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Still struggling with delayed deliveries complaints?

Deliver your parcels with BOX NOW and increase your average basket up to 20% by offering convenient delivery solutions

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How does it work?

BOX NOW gives your customers the freedom and flexibility to pick-up their order whenever it's convenient for them. 

  • 1. Customer places an order

    1. Customer places an order

    User selects BOX NOW as a delivery method.
  • 2. Our drivers pick up and deliver

    2. Our drivers pick up and deliver

    From your warehouse to our sorting center.
  • 3. Parcel is placed in locker

    3. Parcel is placed in locker

    Within the next working day, it's ready for pick-up!
  • 4. Customer collects  anytime!

    4. Customer collects anytime!

    Conveniency on pickup: day or night 24/7.

Why choose BOX NOW?

We help you stand out amongst your competitors with premium and the most affordable delivery services.

Always nearby

2.200+ BOX NOW Lockers all over Greece available for your customers within a distance of 600m.

24/7 Conveniency

Collecting parcels was never this easy. Customer can pick up anytime he wishes to.

Reduce costs

Flat-rate pricing, less returned orders,no extra costs for Saturday deliveries.

Increase CX rate

Through fast deliveries that boost your E-shop's reputation.

100.000+ compartments in over 2.400 Lockers are ready to host your orders

BOX NOW Lockers are placed in outdoor, easily accessible 24/7 areas and are environmentally friendly as they operate exclusively using renewable energy sources. A smart, parcel-receiving machine that allows orders to be delivered easily and quickly.

3 simple steps to start!

Get in touch with our experts, add BOX NOW map widget in your website and use BOX NOW's marketing guidelines on-site to start offering the most modern delivery solution!

Questions & Answers

We choose locker locations to fit in with day-to-day life so that customers don't have to adjust their schedule because of a parcel delivery.  They are usually placed outside supermarkets, parking areas, convenience stores and petrol stations.

The maximum parcel size that fits in a locker is 36cm x 45cm x 60 cm with the weight limit to be at 20kg.

In general, we can accommodate three package's sizes: Small (H: 8 cm, W: 45 cm, L: 60 cm), Medium (H: 17 cm, W: 45 cm, L: 60 cm), Large (H: 36 cm, W: 45 cm, L: 60 cm)

ΒΟΧ ΝΟW Lockers weigh around 1 tone and their strong construction makes a burglary of the inside almost impossible. Our security systems are alarmed immediately in case of unusual events or damages. The lockers are fully automated and can only be accessed via codes sent to the user directly. They're also covered by insurance.

No, all deliveries are being transferred by our fleet and drivers. We own warehouses and we're fully independent in logistics.

Whether you have a custom-made site or you use a platform builder site, our IT analysts will help you end-to-end from the API or plug-in installation to website testing, label testing and physical testing.